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In June 2021, please join us for the latest iteration of the Veteran and Family Well-Being series. The series will feature a collaboration of speakers from our network presenting information on how the mind and body experience pain, the challenge facing the Canadian Veteran population, and a case study for the overlap of care between chronic pain and mental health.

The aim of the series is to provide education on the evolution of pain management and current best practices in evidence-based interdisciplinary care. Targeting a broad audience of Veterans, their families, case managers, and health care professionals, the series will be accessible in both English and French. For those unable to attend live, the series will be uploaded to our website shortly after completion.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2021 @ 1200 – 1300 EST

Chronic Pain Problem in Veterans: An Analysis of the Canadian Situation

Dr. Jason Busse, DC, PhD (McMaster University)
The Veterans Affairs Canada Life After Service Studies (LASS) program of research is designed to enhance the understanding of transition from military to civilian life and ultimately improve the health of Veterans in Canada. The LASS 2016 survey found that 40.8 percent of Veterans suffered from chronic pain. Veterans in the sample group were twice as likely to have chronic pain compared to the equivalent Canadian population; however, there was considerable variability in pain experiences among Veterans. These results highlight the critical need for research into stratified care for chronic pain among Veterans.  In this session, Dr. Jason Busse will share the results of this study.
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Wednesday, June 9, 2021 @ 1200 – 1300 EST

Overlap of Interdisciplinary Care and Operational Stress Injuries: The St. Anne Perspective

Josie Pierre, BSc.N, MSc; Dr Michel Gil, Md, FRCP; and Dr Isabelle Cornell, Ph.D (OSIC Pain Management Service, Saint Anne's Hospital)
Veterans Affairs Canada funds ten independent Operation Stress Injury (OSI) clinics. Saint Anne’s Hospital in Quebec is unique to Canada for having an interdisciplinary pain management centre and OSI clinic under the same roof and management team. With the overlap in conditions that Veterans face between chronic pain and mental health, this model allows health care providers to better engage with required specialists as part of providing care for Veterans. In this session, Josie Pierre, Manager of the pain and OSI clinic at Saint Anne’s Hospital, will share her team’s experiences in treating Veterans under this model of care.
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