Dawn Herniman served 30 years in the Canadian Armed Forces, retiring in March of 2018 as a Personnel Selection Officer. During her career, Dawn served as a Base Personnel Selection Officer (PSO) on Army, Navy, and Air Force bases, was a member of the Canadian Forces Parachute Team the Sky Hawks, deployed to Afghanistan, and served as an Occupation Analyst in both the Canadian Armed Forces and on exchange with the United States Air Force. After completing her Master of Arts in Psychology, Dawn was posted to the Royal Canadian Air Force Aircrew Assessment Centre, and then as the Resilience Subject Matter Expert/unit PSO at the Conduct After Capture (CAC) Centre. Dawn is personally familiar with acute and chronic pain from major injuries experienced during her career, including a broken back from a hiking injury and a sprained SI joint from a bad military parachute landing. In a quest to find relief for her chronic pain, mental health injuries, and stress, Dawn more deeply explored some of the practices she taught at the CAC Centre. This path led her to evidence-based, trauma-sensitive yoga and meditation practices, some of which are alternative medicine treatments offered at American Veterans Hospitals. Finding such an immense relief from yoga and meditation, and fascinated by the connection between the mind-body in healing, Dawn decided to pursue her interest; she is a certified yoga teacher (RYT 200), and has completed over 500 hrs of additional yoga and meditation teacher training, including chair yoga, yin yoga, trauma-sensitive yoga, Integrated Positional Therapy (Level 2 practitioner), iRest Yoga Nidra (Level 2 instructor), Warriors At Ease Level (Level 1 instructor), and many other interesting courses and workshops.

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The Centre of Excellence’s Board of Directors oversees the operations and financials of the Centre of Excellence as a not-for-profit, and includes veterans, industry leaders, and chronic pain experts from McMaster University Faculty of Health Sciences and Hamilton Health Sciences Corporation.
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