Improved well-being of Canadian Armed Forces Veterans, and their families, suffering from chronic pain.

Why We're Here

When a Canadian joins the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), the military becomes responsible for their health care. Once they complete their military service, these Canadians return as Veterans to the care of their respective provincial and territorial health systems.  

Veterans, especially those with service-related injuries, can face a host of unique health challenges. A major challenge for Veterans is chronic pain. Recent Government of Canada research found that Veterans are twice as likely to suffer from chronic pain compared to others in the Canadian population.


To foster a national network of interdisciplinary pain management centres using research and evidence-based strategies to improve care for CAF Veterans and their families.

What We're Doing

While chronic pain cannot be treated, it can be managed. The Centre of Excellence works as a research centre to improve the understanding of Veteran-specific chronic pain and how best to manage it. Engagement directly with Veterans helps select and shape research to have a genuine and practical positive impact on the well-being of Veterans. Learn more about resources available to Veterans here.

Through evidence-based research, best practices will be determined to care for Veterans. Learn more about our research here.  

Identified best practices will be mobilized across a nation-wide network of interdisciplinary pain centres to improve care delivery for Veterans and to drive a continuous cycle of further research. Learn more about information available for VAC Case Managers and clinicians here.

Leadership & Board
The Centre of Excellence’s Board of Directors oversees the operations and financials of the Centre of Excellence as a not-for-profit, and includes veterans, industry leaders, and chronic pain experts from McMaster University Faculty of Health Sciences and Hamilton Health Sciences Corporation.
Advisory Council For Veterans
Scientific Advisory Board
Leadership Team
Board of Directors
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