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Veteran Family & Well Being Series

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Join us for the latest iteration of the Veteran and Family Well-Being Series. The series will feature a collaboration of speakers from our network presenting information on Chronic Pain, Mindfulness & Neuroplasticity + Yoga as a Therapeutic Intervention and the history and evidence-based research of Psychedelics
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Keeping hope alive through veteran-first chronic pain research.

Discover how the Chronic Pain Centre of Excellence is working with veterans to shape the future of chronic pain management.
Derek Speirs

The Chronic Pain Centre of Excellence provides national leadership for research co-designed with veterans and their families, and supports the implementation of this research with a national network of clinics to help veterans and their families manage their pain and reconnect with life.

Thanks to $20 million in funding from Veterans Affairs Canada over 5 years, the Chronic Pain Centre of Excellence for Canadian Veterans will be a world leader in veteran-first chronic pain research and care.

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Our National Network

With the Centre of Excellence’s research, we support the implementation of pain management therapies through a national network of clinics, and provide training and education for interdisciplinary teams to improve the delivery of evidence-based pain care across the country.

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For Veterans
& Families

Find tools and resources especially for veterans dealing with chronic pain and their families.
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For Clinicians & Researchers

Learn how you can adopt best practices for your chronic pain clinic and partake in research.
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The Latest

Dr. Abhimanyu Sud Joins The Chronic Pain Centre of Excellence for Canadian Veterans as Chief Scientific Officer

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East Meets West in Therapeutic Approaches to the Management of Chronic Pain

Eleni G. Hapidou, partner with the CPCoE wrote a perspective article in the International Journal of Yoga. The purpose of this perspective article was to compare and contrast psychological practices such as mindfulness mediation, relaxation response (RR) and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) with Yoga in the management of chronic pain.
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Teaming in Interdisciplinary Chronic Pain Management Interventions in Primary Care: a Systematic Review of Randomized Controlled Trials

A systematic review was done to identify key features of interdisciplinary team structures and problems associated.
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Cannabis shown to be an effective treatment option for back pain: Study review

A systematic review by a team of researchers affiliated with the Swedish Neuroscience Institute in Seattle, Wash., have found cannabis to be an effective treatment for back pain.
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