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Veteran Family & Well Being Series

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Join us for the latest iteration of the Veteran and Family Well-Being Series. The series will feature a collaboration of speakers from our network presenting information on Chronic Pain, Mindfulness & Neuroplasticity + Yoga as a Therapeutic Intervention and the history and evidence-based research of Psychedelics
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Keeping hope alive through Veteran-first chronic pain research.

Discover how the Chronic Pain Centre of Excellence for Canadian Veterans is working with Veterans to shape the future of chronic pain management.
Derek Speirs

The Chronic Pain Centre of Excellence for Canadian Veterans (CPCoE) was established to conduct research and help improve the well-being of Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Veterans, and their families, suffering from chronic pain.

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Canadian Military Veterans Bring Awareness and Education to Chronic Pain Through Annual Hike Event

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Research Study Report

Veterans of the Canadian Military have a need for health care services that address issues of Chronic Pain and Mental Health throughout the whole of Canada. Regrettably, access to these services can be limited and health care options vary from province to province.
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Journal Of Military, Veteran and Family Health

The media can shape the opinions, beliefs, and attitudes of the public toward Veterans and Veteran issues and can also be a vital source of information for Veterans and their families.
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Gabrielle Leblanc-Huard Awarded François Dupéré Capacity Building Initiative

Congratulations to Gabrielle Leblanc-Huard, who was awarded the François Dupéré 2022 Capacity Building Initiative.
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The Most
Painful Podcast

Tom Hoppe, Chair of the Advisory Council for Veterans, is your host of The Most Painful Podcast. This podcast will explore various topics relevant to Veterans, their families, caregivers, researchers and clinicians. Through the use of expert panelists, these episodes will provide education and understanding related to chronic pain while exploring complications and a variety of pain management therapies.

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