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Tom Hoppe, Chair of the Advisory Council for Veterans, is your host of The Most Painful Podcast. This podcast will explore various topics relevant to Veterans, their families, caregivers, researchers and clinicians. Through the use of expert panelists, these episodes will provide education and understanding related to chronic pain while exploring complications and a variety of pain management therapies.

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Season One
Episode One

Military Veterans suffer chronic pain twice that of the general population

June 22, 2022

Many Canadians are living with chronic pain which impacts their quality of life. Studies have shown that Canadian military Veterans are twice as likely to have chronic pain compared to the equivalent Canadian population. In this inaugural episode of the Most Painful Podcast, the host Tom Hoppe will explore this problem with guest Dr. Ramesh Zacharias, CEO and Medical Director of the Chronic Pain Center of Excellence for Canadian Veterans.

Season One
Episode Two

“Is Cannabis an effective treatment for chronic pain?”

July 5, 2022

People who live with chronic pain suffer greatly and it impacts their quality of life. There are many treatments available and medications that will help people with chronic pain. One that’s been talked about over several years is cannabis. But does cannabis work? Is it effective? To help answer these questions, we’re joined by two guests: Dr. Jason Busse – Research Director at the Chronic Pain Centre of Excellence for Canadian Veterans and Bruno Guevremont – Veteran and member of the Advisory Council for Veterans.

Season One
Episode Three

“How does the "Mission First, Self Last" military culture affect a Veteran's pain management?”

July 21, 2022

When a person gets into the military culture, their identity changes, their mindset changes to mission-first, self-last. How does that impact how they manage and view chronic pain? In this episode of The Most Painful Podcast, we're joined by Dr. Melanie Noel – Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Calgary, and Hélène Le Scelleur – Veteran, Recipient of the 2021 Capacity Building Initiative, and member of the Advisory Council for Veterans.

Season One
Episode Four

"Where do you turn for chronic pain treatment?"

August 3, 2022

Chronic pain is pain that typically persists for 90 days and can also be associated with with a procedure or injury when healing fails to progress as expected. On this episode of the Most Painful Podcast we discuss inter-disciplinary pain clinics. Our guests are Dr. Ramesh Zacharias – CEO, President and Medical Director at the Chronic Pain Centre of Excellence for Canadian Veterans Dr. Brenda Lau – Founder and Medical Director at Change Pain

Season One
Episode Six

"Managing chronic pain and Operational Stress Injury (OSI)"

August 31, 2022

Research has shown Veterans who suffer with chronic pain may also suffer with an OSI injury. When one suffers from chronic pain and an operational stress injury it can severally impact quality of life and create stress within the family. On today’s show Tom Hoppe is joined by Steve Critchley founder of CanPraxuis a non for profit organization helping Veterans and their families who are struggling with chronic pain and OSI.

Season One
Episode Five

"What do I do when I get out of the Military for medical care?"

August 17, 2022

Military members have all their healthcare needs taken care of while they are in service, but what happens when the members leave the military? How smooth is the transition to the civilian medical system? especially with a shortage of family doctors? How do veterans navigate the medical system to ensure they get the care they need for service-related injuries? What do civilian clinicians need to understand about this transition to better help their veteran patients? To help answer those questions we are joined by two guests veteran Brad White and Dr. Abhimanyu Sud.

Season One
Episode Seven

"Low back surgery: Is it helpful or not? What else can I do?"

September 14, 2022

Research has shown Veterans suffer from chronic pain at twice the rate of the civilian population. Many Veterans and many listeners to this show suffer from back pain, many have asked does surgery help with back pain? Or are there other therapies which may help with back pain vs surgery? To help answer this question I am joined by Dr. Brian Drew.

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