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Once they have been released from active military service, Veterans lose the highly structured healthcare process and support available to them in military service, and they can feel lost as they try to navigate forward on their own. Many clinics also experience their own barriers to delivering care to Veterans due to Veterans’ complex medical histories, possible third-party payer billing processes, and a lack of resources that address Veterans’ unique needs.

The Centre of Excellence partners with Veterans and their families to ensure our research findings address their real-world challenges with chronic pain so that we can keep hope alive for Veterans in pain. Our research page will be regularly updated with new research insights, best practices, learnings, and recommendations. Our research has begun with a series of Rapid Recommendations, published in the British Medical Journal, which will include a shortlist of the current best practices to help put research into practical application.

The Centre of Excellence’s longer-term research will continuously review pain management therapies in collaboration with clinicians and other healthcare practitioners to understand which therapies and pain management services best address Veterans’ needs. We will be involved in trials to further develop new therapies for managing pain, grow the network of pain clinics and researchers across Canada, and continuously measure the metrics associated with timely access to care and quality of life for Veterans and their families.

Why we're here

Veterans Affairs Canada case managers

The Chronic Pain Centre of Excellence for Canadian Veterans was established to conduct research and help improve the well-being of Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Veterans, and their families, suffering from chronic pain. The Centre of Excellence is a not-for-profit research centre funded by Veterans Affairs Canada. The Centre of Excellence collaborates with a series of pain clinics across the country that are able to provide interdisciplinary care to Veterans. These pain clinics are all independent of the Centre of Excellence. This network of pain clinics provides priority access to care for Veterans and support the Centre of Excellence in the conduct of Veteran-focussed research.

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