East Meets West in Therapeutic Approaches to the Management of Chronic Pain

Eleni G. Hapidou, partner with the CPCoE wrote a perspective article in the International Journal of Yoga. The purpose of this perspective article was to compare and contrast psychological practices such as mindfulness mediation, relaxation response (RR) and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) with Yoga in the management of chronic pain.
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Using Yoga to Manage Stress and Pain

Dr. Eleni Hapidou demonstrates the practice of yoga to help with stress and pain.
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Dr. Jason Busse Named Canada Research Chair in Prevention & Management of Chronic Pain

The CPCoE’s Director of Research, Dr. Jason Busse, has been named a Canada Research Chair. Dr. Busse has been a great leader in researching chronic pain and the reduction of post-operative care. Congratulations Jason!
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Tom Hoppe, Chair of the Advisory Council for Veterans, Appeared on Pain BC's 'Pain Waves' Podcast

Listen to Tom Hoppe talk about his personal experiences and the challenges faced by Veterans living with chronic pain.
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Chronic Pain Centre of Excellence for Canadian Veterans Announces New Partner Clinic

The Atlantic Pain Clinic will be the 12th clinic to join our network of interdisciplinary pain management centres and the first clinic in New Brunswick.
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