Medical cannabis or cannabinoids for chronic pain: a clinical practice guideline

Dr. Jason Busse, Research Director at the Chronic Pain Centre of Excellence (CPCoE), recently published a rapid recommendation on the use of cannabis for treatment of chronic pain in The British Medical Journal (The bmj).
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Chronic Pain: Evolution of Clinical Definitions and Implications for Practice

This paper reviews information regarding the evolution of definitions of pain terminology and pain syndromes as they relate to everyday practice for clinicians and those operating within the medicolegal judicial system, both trainees and seasoned professionals, with a focus on chronic pain.
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Management of Acute Pain From Non–Low Back Musculoskeletal Injuries

Patients and clinicians can choose from several treatment options to address acute pain from non–low back musculoskeletal injuries.
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Predictors of Prolonged Opioid Use After Initial Prescription for Acute Musculoskeletal Injuries in Adults

Opioids are frequently prescribed for acute musculoskeletal injuries and may result in long-term use and consequent harms.
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Pain Management Program Outcomes in Veterans with Chronic Pain & Comparison with Nonveterans

This study presents evidence supporting the effectiveness of an interdisciplinary pain management program in addressing pain-related variables in Veterans and nonveterans and provides insight into how pain management is experienced differently by Veterans.
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