Research Study Report

Veterans of the Canadian Military have a need for health care services that address issues of Chronic Pain and Mental Health throughout the whole of Canada. Regrettably, access to these services can be limited and health care options vary from province to province.
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Journal Of Military, Veteran and Family Health

The media can shape the opinions, beliefs, and attitudes of the public toward Veterans and Veteran issues and can also be a vital source of information for Veterans and their families.
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British Medical Journal (BMJ)

Dr. Jason Busse, Research Director at the Chronic Pain Centre of Excellence (CPCoE), recently published a rapid recommendation on the use of cannabis for treatment of chronic pain in The British Medical Journal (The bmj).
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Psychological Injury and Law

This paper reviews information regarding the evolution of definitions of pain terminology and pain syndromes as they relate to everyday practice for clinicians and those operating within the medicolegal judicial system, both trainees and seasoned professionals, with a focus on chronic pain.
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Annals of Internal Medicine

Patients and clinicians can choose from several treatment options to address acute pain from non–low back musculoskeletal injuries.
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