Arron was born and raised on Cape Breton Island. He left in 02’ after joining the Canadian Armed Forces. Arron served 14 years in an infantry battalion before releasing in 2016. After leaving the military, Arron entered the medical cannabis space where he currently works as the Director of Veteran Relations for ReLeave, the exclusive Veteran-focused cannabis clinic for Shoppers Drug Mart. With strong ties to the Canadian Veteran and military community and connections to several Veteran-focused non-profit organizations, he currently works with market leaders in the cannabis and psychedelics space to broaden access to plant-based medicines for the Canadian veteran population.

Leadership & Board
The Centre of Excellence’s Board of Directors oversees the operations and financials of the Centre of Excellence as a not-for-profit, and includes veterans, industry leaders, and chronic pain experts from McMaster University Faculty of Health Sciences and Hamilton Health Sciences Corporation.
Advisory Council For Veterans
Scientific Advisory Board
Leadership Team
Board of Directors
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