Full professor, Faculty of Medicine, Anesthesiology Department / Laval University

Anne Marie Pinard is an anesthesiologist and works at the pain clinic of the Centre Hospitalier de Québec - Université Laval in Quebec City. She is a full professor at Laval University and holds a master's degree in educational technology. Dr. Pinard holds the Medisca Leadership Chair in Chronic Pain Education, which aims to improve the management of chronic pain by health professionals and to provide patients and their families with self-management tools. She is responsible for the knowledge mobilization initiative of the Quebec Pain Research Network (QPRN). She is very involved at both the provincial and Canadian levels in various chronic pain initiatives. She is a researcher at the Centre Interdisciplinaire de Recherche en Réadaptation et Intégration Sociale (CIRRIS); her research interests focus on knowledge mobilization, self-management and interprofessional work.

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The Centre of Excellence’s Board of Directors oversees the operations and financials of the Centre of Excellence as a not-for-profit, and includes veterans, industry leaders, and chronic pain experts from McMaster University Faculty of Health Sciences and Hamilton Health Sciences Corporation.
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