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Jonathan Bramson, PhD, is a Professor in the Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine and the Vice Dean (Research) for the Faculty of Health Sciences. He holds a Tier I Canada Research Chair in Translational Cancer Immunology and the John Bienestock Chair in Molecular Medicine. The Bramson Lab is focused on developing methods to direct cancer patients’ immune systems to attack their tumors. To this end, the lab has been developing vaccines based on recombinant viruses, (namely adenoviruses and rhabdoviruses), to boost immunity against specific tumor antigens. More recently, the lab has been focused on engineering T-cells with chimeric antigen receptors (CARs) directed against cancer. The Bramson Lab has created a novel chimeric receptor, known as the T-cell antigen coupling (TAC) receptor, that displays enhanced anti-tumor activity and reduced toxicity relative to conventional CARs in pre-clinical models; this technology was licensed to a recent spin-off from McMaster, Triumvira Immunologics, Inc. The Bramson Lab works closely with clinical partners at the Juravinski Hospital, in Hamilton, to optimally develop these exciting new immune strategies to address unmet needs within the cancer community in Southern Ontario. Together, Jonathan and his colleagues have established an infrastructure at McMaster, which includes GMP production and GLP correlative assays, for conducting clinical trials of novel cancel immunotherapies that is unparalleled in Canada. Along with being on the Board of Directors for the Chronic Pain Centre of Excellence, Jonathan is the Vice-Dean for Research at the McMaster Faculty of Health Science.

Leadership & Board
The Centre of Excellence’s Board of Directors oversees the operations and financials of the Centre of Excellence as a not-for-profit, and includes veterans, industry leaders, and chronic pain experts from McMaster University Faculty of Health Sciences and Hamilton Health Sciences Corporation.
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