Duncan joined the CAF in 2000, completing basic officer training in St.-Jean QC, infantry officer training in Gagetown NB, and his degree at the Royal Military College in Kingston, ON, before joining the 2nd Battalion, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI) in September, 2005, as a Rifle Platoon Commander. Duncan deployed to Kandahar in August, 2006, and participated in Op MEDUSSA with A Company 2 PPCLI of the 1 RCR Battle Group. Upon returning to Canada, Duncan spent almost two more years with 2 PPCLI before being posted to Gagetown to instruct aspiring infantry officers (to include CPCoE COO Paul Roos) in their final course before becoming qualified infantry platoon commanders. In 2011, Duncan was posted to Edmonton to join the 3rd Battalion PPCLI and deploy on Roto 0 Op ATTENTION to Kabul as a part of the NATO Training Mission to support the Afghan National Army (ANA). He spent nine months as the advisor to the Operations Commander, an ANA Colonel, of the Kabu Military Training Centre. Duncan learned a lot from his ANA counterpart, (who was 35 years his senior), and aside from being apart from his wife for so long, enjoyed his time with the ANA.


Duncan spent 2012-2015 with 3 PPCLI in various leadership and operational roles before departing to undergo multiple surgeries and rehabilitation for his injuries from service. From 2014-2021 Duncan navigated the CAF medical release system in two parts: 1) receiving support from leaders from his Regiment and from the 3rd Canadian Division Support Group (3 CDSG) to enable his employment, return-to-duty, and period of retention until his retirement in 2021; and 2) struggling to understand the consequences of the medical release process, his future, and his loss of identity. Duncan considers himself lucky to have made it to where he is now and is determined to assist Veterans dealing with service-related medical issues and their transition out of the CAF. 


Duncan earned his Bachelor's of Science degree in chemistry from RMC in 2005 and a Master's of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from Royal Roads in 2022. He considers himself a passionate HR practitioner with a focus on leadership development, culture change leadership, and the importance of engagement and communication. He currently resides in Ottawa with his wife and kids.

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